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In the year of 2006 Smart Solutions Trading opened into the highly competitive Building Material whole sales Market in Abu Dhabi after which the day has never ended and Smart Solutions never looked back. A business graduate and an experienced vocation the same meadow, he is known for his sharp business acumen, focused vision and professionalism he has been able to take the organization to its present level of growth in an amazing short span of time.

With over 8 years of experience in Ironmongery, Smart Solutions is able to meet customer needs with products which provide a host of professional and industrial solutions. We enjoy a distinct place in the market with our high quality, competitive prices and on time deliveries.

We crossed a long way with success in our business – dealing in U.A.E and all over Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.


Smart Solutions Trading

United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi 

Office Tel:  +971 2 44 713 22

Office Fax: +971 2 44 713 99

P.O.Box  :  45659

Email: sales@ssmegroup.com Or info@ssmegroup.com




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